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The AI-Powered Engineering Commerce Platform

Built for Hi-Tech & Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Engineering commerce is the integration of technical expertise into the buying and selling process.

Engineering COmmerce

A Foundational Element of the Global Electronics Value Chain

From Sourcing to Selling

Selling and Procuring

Electronic, and high-tech products have technical features that require a unique approach to sales and procurement - detailed specifications, compatibility filters, and reliable supplier information.

Supply Chain & Integration

Ensuring seamless integration between different parts, projects, engineering, suppliers, buyers and manufacturers.

Why its pivotal

Outdated Processes

Heavily reliant on SMEs, suppliers, and disconnected processes, the industry’s commerce & support processes are outdated.

Time Constrained Experts

Subject Matter Experts Constraints significantly lengthen sales cycles.

Technical Complexity

Technical Complexity of the process increases cost & time for both buyers and suppliers.  

AI-Powered Technical Sales & Support

Built for Hi-Tech & Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

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