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We offer a suite of pre-built customizable applications & agents which streamline and accelerate response management.

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Intelligent Search

Refine your searches quickly with an intelligent, natural language search that is fine-tuned for datasheets and specifications.

Analyzes Complex Data Sheets

Our AI-powered virtual sales engineer is fine-tuned to make light work of datasheets, manuals and specifications.

How it works

Rapid Sales Responses. Less Cost.

Reduce customer acquisition costs while accelerating your sales cycle.

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1. Upload

Upload your electronic data sheets, manuals, and specification documents.

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2. Transform

Use our pre-built customisable apps, or build and implement your own with support from our team.

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3. Employ

Integrate with all of your existing enterprise softwares including Salesforce, Azure, AWS etc.

Increase Your Win Rates

With Wizerr's technical response apps, increase speed and consistency of sales responses to win deals every time.


Integrate with Your Enterprise Apps

Connect all of your existing enterprise apps with the help of our dedicated implementation experts.

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Why us?

Powered by Our Fine-Tuned Model

Wizerr delivers unmatched responses using our AI model fine-tuned for hi-tech manufacturing & electronics.


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“This technology is set to significantly boost customer satisfaction and transform our business operations.”

I am overseeing the implementation of Wizerr AI's solution and integration with SAP HANA, which is already showing promising improvements in our Sales and Support team operations. The implementation will bring enhanced real-time decision-making, rapid customer responses, and operational efficiency. This technology is set to significantly boost customer satisfaction and transform our business operations.

Senior Director
Industry Leading, Multi-Billion Dollar High-Tech Electronics Manufacturer